Hike in Nanaimo: Ammonite Falls from Jameson Road

Ammonite Falls is a hidden gem tucked away in Nanaimo. It is so easy to find yet so many people don’t even know it’s there. Once you do, it’s hard not to want to scale the muddy banks and relax in the cool mist of the pretty falls.

There are 2 main ways to get to Ammonite Falls. One from Doumont Road and the other Jameson (off of Kilpatrick and Jingle Pot).

Directions to Ammonite Falls from Jameson Road

This route is the easier way in to the falls compared to the Doumont route. Drive all the way to the end of Jameson Road. There is about 25 meters of dirt road before you get to the yellow gate. Make sure you park down the hill from the yellow gate in the proper parking lot. Your car will most likely be towed if you park by the gate.

Follow the dirt road off into the bush and get lost… I mean find the falls!

Stay on the main road at the first fork. Don’t go up to the left.Stay on the main road at the second fork. Don’t go down to the right.

The road will get a little steeper uphill here but not much. There will be a bit of a clearing at the end and the it turns to single track. Go straight into the trail and immediately hang a right to go over a little hump in the trail and then down the other side. You might be able to hear the creek by now. Keep this on your left and follow this trail. You’ll end up at a blue sign nailed to the tree. Keep to the left of this sign. You’ll go down another small hill and find yourself in a clearing at the end of a dirt road. Just head straight across the road and follow the little trail. You’ll end up just above Ammonite Falls.

Relax and take some photos at the viewpoint above the falls or continue down the rope and across the stream to get a real close look.

Variation: Hang a left at the clearing at the end of the old road and hike down a steep but short section of trail to Mini-Ammonite, a very, very small set of beautiful falls just above the larger Ammonite Falls.

Ammonite Falls Links

Nanaimo Information has a great page about Ammonite Falls.