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From beautiful photography and storytelling that incite adventures to detailed, educational gear reviews, PureOutside is all about inspiring people to get outside more and saving them time. We save readers time when looking for quality gear reviews, trail information, and how-to instruction.
We want readers outside exploring, not stuck inside on the computer.
Our mission is to produce the most useful and entertaining content for adventurous people. We work hard to create and curate the best information online to save time for our outdoorsy readers. We don’t just hike. Our writers and readers run, paddle, ride, climb and camp. Departments
  • Gear Reviews – testing the best gear on the market
  • How-To – straightforward instructions on how to get outside
  • Trip reports – tales from the trail
  • Outdoors thoughts – philosophy from an outdoor lifestyle
  • Interviews – stories from interesting people in the outdoor space

Gear and Book Reviews

PureOutside is known for our detailed outdoor equipment and book reviews and online trail guides. Examples:  Gear Reviews Book Reviews Contact us if you have an item to send to us for review (giveaways also available). Note products would be shipped to Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada for testing.

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