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Thermacell E55 Mosquito Repeller Review

There are so many reasons to get out and explore, take photos and enjoy the fresh air, but mosquitos are not one of them. Humans have gone to great expense trying to block and get away from mosquitos.

Permethrin, deet spray and bugs nets are options when you’re hiking but it’s easier to bring a bigger deterrent when you’re car camping.

The Thermacell E55 is a mosquito repeller with a rechargeable battery. It creates a 20 foot zone that repels mosquitos. You can’t smell it or see it and there’s nothing to wash off.

I recently had the E55 out camping for a week. The weather was about 25 to 30 celsius each day. During the day and late evening the bugs were almost non-existent but around dusk the bugs were awful. Mosquitos and other small black flies that aimed for your eyes came out in force.

Turning on the E55 is easy. A quick press of the one button turns it on with a little chime sound. This starts warming up the heater inside. Once heated, the bug juice from the repellent cartridge starts to evaporate out of the top vent creating a 20 foot zone of mosquito free goodness.

The E55 didn’t do much for the other black flies or gnats that were pestering us but there was a clear area by our picnic table that was mosquito free. Leaving that bubble to go to the tent or the car and we were fighting off mosquitos.

The electric battery lasts about 5 hours and is rechargeable with USB-micro. I had a battery pack camping and we recharged it a couple times during a week-long camping trip. 3 lights at the bottom of the button show the battery level. A red warning light comes on when there’s 20 minutes left in the battery. When it’s warming up the lights flash in a circle.

A 12 hour repeller (bug juice) cartridge comes with the E55 and then extra cartridges have more juice and last 40 hours. The repeller cartridge is clear so it’s easy to see how much you have left.

Spec List

  • 15 minute warm-up period
  • 3 light battery indicator
  • 5 hour rechargeable battery, USB-Micro cord included
  • 20 minute battery warning light
  • 12 hour refill included, 40 hour refills are $29 CAD ($20 USD)
  • $70 CAD ($40 USD)

Another helpful tip for charging is that you can charge and use it at the same time if the battery is dead. Thermacell recommends storing it with the battery full and charging every 3 months.

Highly Recommended

So far using the Thermacell camping and in the backyard, it’s worked well. A couple members of my family are mosquito targets and always come in with many extremely itchy bites. Staying within the Thermacell mosquito-free zone, everyone was bite free.

23 thoughts on “Thermacell E55 Mosquito Repeller Review”

  1. Diana Swistowich

    I have an E55. Can the battery be charged before it gives the 20 minute warning that the battery needs charging?

    1. Hey Diana, it can certainly be charged before the 20 minute warning light goes on. If you have a battery pack you can charge it while you’re using it too.

    1. Hey Guy!
      The lid comes off easily and you can see the liquid level in the clear cartridge inside. When it’s low get a new one. I’m not sure exactly how fast it goes down, when it’s in full use but they have a rough estimate of hours on each cartridge.

    1. Hi Anne!

      Good question. I don’t think so but I’ve asked Thermacell and I’ll reply back here. Are you trying to repel wasps or leave honeybees alone?

  2. For first use before charging, do I put repellent in before first charge or after? How long does it take for first charge? and is it same time every charge afterwards? Tks

    1. Hey Carol, doesn’t matter if you put the repellent in before or after charging. I’ll check and see how long it takes to charge, I think an hour? Same time to charge every time.

  3. Do you always see “smoke” emitting? Ours did the first couple of times but now just has the 4 solid white lights but I’m not seeing anything being emitted out. The cartridge is not empty and it’s complexly charged. Is this normal?

    1. A bit of smoke comes out for the first bit but like a fire, it gets going and it’s not visible any more. That’s what mine does and seems to work great. As long as the lights are in it’ll be emitting the vapors.

  4. How do u turn it off? The lights go off when you press button but pauses for a minute or so and comes back on. When I woke in morning they were off

    1. Hey Sharon, to turn the E55 off hold the button for 2 seconds, a descending sound should chime and the lights should go off.

  5. I bought a 40 hour refill but it seems a touch too big, leaving a small 1/16 inch gap under the top, not closing as cleanly as the 12 hour refill. Am I missing something on the install? I just dropped it in.

    1. Hard to tell. There is usually wisps of smoke coming from the top when it starts but when it gets going that seems to stop. It can feel warm from the outside since it warms up the liquid inside but I just had mine running and it’s hard to feel if it’s warm.

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