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RIBZ Front Pack Review

Earlier this year, I went for a 6 day wander on the West Coast Trail, a 75km coastal hike on Vancouver Island. It was a gruelling and fantastic experience all at the same time. Carrying 40 pounds of gear on your back is taxing for most people and I’m no exception. The worst part is when you forget your sunglasses in your backpack. You have to put your bag down, get your glasses out, then put your pack on again.

Then you realize you forgot to turn the GPS on.

Pack off. GPS on. Pack on.

Then you realize you forgot to send a SPOT OK message.

Pack off. Send message. Pack on.

Then it’s time for a snack and you have to take your pack off again.You get the idea.Wouldn’t it be nice to have more pockets up front right by your hands so you can grab your stuff?

Apparently the guys at RIBZ were listening

The RIBZ Front Pack

The RIBZ Front Pack is a simple pack that goes on the front of your body instead of on your pack. It’s got 1 pouch with 2 pockets on each side and a zipper up the middle. Webbing keeps it all together and a pair of padded shoulder straps keep things from digging in.

Anything that you use regularly during your hike or that you want after you put your backpack down, put in the Front Pack. Snacks, GPS, sunglasses, bear spray, sunscreen, small cameras, and small binoculars are all perfect for putting in the big pockets. You won’t have to stop and pull your pack off to get your gear any more. Zip open a Front Pack pouch and it’s right there.

I hiked and rode my motorcycle with the Front Pack and it made accessing my stuff much easier. It also works great for horseback riding, long distance biking or kayaking. I haven’t tried it kayaking yet but as long as it fits over your lifejacket, you’ll end up with a bunch of convenient pockets right in front of you.

RIBZ Front Pack - PureOutside

RIBZ Front Pack – PureOutside

The Front Pack fits perfectly with other backpacks. The back corners are rounded so they don’t catch on the backpack straps. 

RIBZ Front Pack fits with backpacks - PureOutside

RIBZ Front Pack fits with backpacks – PureOutside

Even when packed full, the Front Pack doesn’t stick out too far, freeing your arms up to do whatever you need to do.

RIBZ Front Pack holds a lot - PureOutside

RIBZ Front Pack holds a lot

A lot of stuff can fit in the Front Pack. I had everything I could think of that I use during the day hiking and there was still room. The more you pack it with the more it sticks out but you don’t normally do much so close to your body so it’s usually wasted space. 

RIBZ Front Pack holding gps, spot and sunglasses - PureOutside

RIBZ Front Pack holding gps, spot and sunglasses

GPS, SPOT messenger and sunglasses were a few of the things I had in the Ribz Front Pack. They’re all items that I usually use while hiking and it’s very inconvenient to put down a full pack to get them out. We were just on the West Coast Trail and I took my sunglasses on and off many times during the day being on the beach and in the trees. If I had had the Front Pack they would have been in a very convenient place. 

RIBZ Front Pack 2 pouches - PureOutside

RIBZ Front Pack 2 pouches – PureOutside

2 pouches, 4 pockets and a couple of comfortable straps make up the Front Pack. Simple idea. Very useful. 

RIBZ - PureOutside

RIBZ – PureOutside

The 2 pouches with 2 pockets each are made with 210d water resistant ripstop nylon. 

RIBZ Front Pack made from 210d water resistant ripstop nylon - PureOutside

RIBZ Front Pack made from 210d water resistant ripstop nylon

Easy pull zippers let you into one of four pouches in the Front Pack. The zippers on the big pouches are conveniently located right in front of you, not hidden under your arms. 

RIBZ Front Pack shoulder straps - PureOutside

RIBZ Front Pack shoulder straps

Comfortable straps sit on your shoulders. The rest of the webbing is thin and not noticeable under your backpack. 

RIBZ Front Pack organizing inside- PureOutside

RIBZ Front Pack organizing inside

Lots of room inside for different things. The big pouches have a couple separators inside so it’s not just one big sac. 

RIBZ Front Pack adjustable straps - PureOutside

RIBZ Front Pack adjustable straps

Easy to pull webbing makes for quick adjustments. You can adjust the shoulder straps for the height of the Front Pack and then other straps around your back for the size around you body. 

RIBZ Front Pack open - PureOutside

RIBZ Front Pack open

Lots of space for more gear to get it out of your heavy backpack. When you take your backpack off you still have you Front Pack stuff for exploring. 

RIBZ Front Pack dirtbiking - PureOutside

RIBZ Front Pack dirtbiking

The Front Pack works great on the motorcycle. Didn’t even notice it was there. My first GPS bounced out of it’s handlebar mount while I was riding offroad. Lesson learned. GPS won’t be going in a handlebar mount again. The Front Pack is the perfect place for it. 

RIBZ Front Pack ready to ride- PureOutside

RIBZ Front Pack ready to ride

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Front Pack for free from RIBZ as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication.

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