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New Gear Releases

Looking for the latest outdoor gear? We scour the internet and list all the newly launched gear here. Check out the PureOutside blog for our reviews after we’ve bashed them around in the woods.

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 pro Pre-order

Maker of some of the best battery stations and solar generators is about to launch their Solar Generator 1000.

Hobie Mirage Passport 12.0 R Pedal Kayak

The latest in stable rotomolded pedal-drive kayaks from Hobie.

Osprey Dyna and Dura running packs

The Dyna and Dura family of running packs from Osprey is back. They have a hip belt, running flask, 1.5, 6 and 15 liter running packs.

Tentsile Tent Ground Conversion Kits

Tentsile makes tents that hang in trees (aka tree forts for adults) and now they have kits to set them up on the ground. Not as fun as the trees but very useful.

LifeStraw Peak Series 8L Gravity Water Filter

LifeStraw recently released the Peak Series, a set of water filters for camping and backpacking. The collection includes a new version of their straw, a 650ml filtered bottle, a 3 litre gravity filter and an 8 litre gravity filter. The 8 litre version comes with 1 bag or 2 (1 for dirty water, 1 for dirty).

Bote Rackham Aero SUP with Apex Pedal Drive

Bote’s popular 12’4 inflatable SUP is now compatible with the Apex Pedal Drive.

norda 001 Trail Runner Review

The folks at norda got sick of blowing out trail runners. They want them to last with hundreds of kilometers on them. The 001 is built with Dyneema fabric, one of the the strongest and lightest materials we have in the outdoor industry. See our review of the 001s

Seen any brand new gear launch? Send us a link!

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