Hike in Nanaimo: Ammonite Falls from Doumont Road


Ammonite falls is a beautiful decent-sized waterfall right very close to the heart of Nanaimo. This route from Doumont is slightly more difficult than the route from Jameson Road.

This route to Ammonite Falls is a bit hard to explain. Driving up to Doumont stop at the first yellow gate on your left. There will be two trails that head into the bush from here, one goes to the left around a mount of dirt, the other a small single track to the right. Take the single track to the right.

Continue on this trail until you see a main double track and cross over it. There should be a trail continuing on just to the left of where you came to the double track. After a few meters on this track hang a right and head downhill to the stream. In the summer you can usually just cross straight over but in the winter you may have to cross over the leg that’s just to the left.

Follow the trail up the steep bank on the other side and continue on until you get to the quarry.  Head out along the right side of the quarry for a few hundred meters until you see a trail back into the woods. Take this wider trail until you hit a clearing and can hear the falls. Hang a right at the clearing to head down to the falls or continue straight on to Mini Ammonite.

Ammonite is just one of many amazing Vancouver Island waterfalls.

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