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Appreciation Days

Some days you go skiing and the snow is terrible. It’s far from the light fluffy amazingness that you can find on the best days. Some days you go hiking and it’s pissing down rain. It’s far from the bright warm sunshine that follows you… Read More »Appreciation Days

Mt. Becher – Hidden Gem

When people think of winter skiing and snowshoeing on Vancouver Island, Mount Washington Alpine Resort frequently comes to mind.  While the resort is very popular and has plenty to offer the winter enthusiast, there is a nearby alternative for those interested in a more remote… Read More »Mt. Becher – Hidden Gem

Fit or Fun

I’ve been telling everyone I know that a friend and I are going to run the West Coast Trail this summer. The 75 km long run will be tough, including ladders, cable cars over rivers and a hell of a lot of elevation gain and… Read More »Fit or Fun