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Backpacking Gear for Beginners: Sun Protection

Why do you need sun protection? 

Sun protection may not just be one thing for you but rather a group. It’s one of the categories in the 10 Essentials and is just focused on protecting your skin and eyes from the sun. 

It usually includes sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and clothes to keep the sun off. 

Natural sunscreens

Look for more natural sunscreens that don’t leech a bunch of chemicals into your skin and block the sun just as well as chemical sunscreens. Try to find one that doesn’t drip into your eyes when sweating. 

Multipurpose hats

I like to wear hats all the time but they can; be multipurpose, keeps the sun off during the day, rain off during a storm, warms up your head at night. Multipurpose gear takes up less space in your pack.

Cut the glare

I prefer polarized sunglasses that won’t fog when you’re hiking. The polarization will cut down the glare from bright days near water or snow or right after the rain. Anti-fogging (or enough space around the glasses for good airflow) keeps them clear when you’re moving quick. 

Bonus points if they are photochromatic and change tint with the light. You can wear them in the trees or on the beach.

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