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Backpacking Gear for Beginners: Hiking Clothes

This post is part of the Backpacking Gear for Beginners course.

Clothes for hiking are an important part of staying warm, dry, comfortable, and safe. Pick your clothes well and you’ll be dry and comfortable no matter what the weather is.  

It’s helpful to think about having two sets of clothes: hiking clothes and camp clothes. 

Hiking clothes are for getting sweaty, dirty and sometimes wet while you’re out hiking. When you get into camp you can change into your dry, clean(er) camp clothes. Staying dry is a big part of being comfortable and safe out hiking. 

Layer your clothes. This is often a base layer, a midlayer and a waterproof outer layer. This lets you adjust layers as you warm up and cool down during the day. If all you have is one thick jacket, it will be hard to adjust your temperature. 

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