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Richards Marsh

Richard’s Marsh is a small park in south Nanaimo with almost a kilometre of flat trails and boardwalk. It’s a popular spot for walkers and bird watchers to see the many birds that come through and use the marsh the Virginia Rail, Marsh Wren and Spotted Towhee. 
The park connects to Elaine Hamilton Park for even more trails to walk. 



Trans Canada Trail: White Pine Trail

This section of the Trans Canada Trail runs from Spruston Road to Timberland Lake. 

The trail is half single track near the Spruston Road end, then turns into logging road. It's well signed. Some of the signs can be tough to see in the trees though so keep a lookout at logging road forks to make sure you are the right track. 

Note: There is no bridge over the Nanaimo River at this time. 

Check out the White Pine Trail on the Vancouver Island Trails Map.

Trans Canada Trail: Haslem Creek to Christie Falls

A 3.8 km hike from Haslem Creek to Christie Falls along the Trans Canada Trail. 

The official start to this part is at the entrance to the Haslem Creek trail but you can drive a kilometre south along rough logging roads and start hiking there. The route passes under the power lines and into the bush. You can drive in a truck to 1.5 km south of the Haslem Creek trailhead. The road isn't very exciting to walk on. 

This trail is on the Trackr Map.

Cable Bay Trail

Cable Bay is a short trail just south of Nanaimo from the roads in Cedar out to the beach by Dodds Narrows and Mudge Island. The well-maintained double-track trail down to the water is a relatively easy decline down to the water. At low tide there is some beach to explore. The official trail is under 2km long but you can add another another 1 km to Joan Point if you feel like going longer. 

Mount De Cosmos (via Deadhorse Creek)

Mount De Cosmos is an interesting place to go but tough to get access to. Most of Nanaimo has seen Mount De Cosmos from afar but haven't realized it. From north Nanaimo the mountain just behind Mount Benson is Mount De Cosmos. It often has snow on it a short time sooner and longer than Mount Benson does, being slightly taller. 

This route follows Deadhorse Creek Canyon up the west side of Mount De Cosmos and along the ridge to the summit. 


Access is difficult to the Nanaimo Lakes area because of TimberWest gates.


Bonnell Creek Falls

Bonnell Creek Falls are a small set of waterfalls near Nanoose. 

About a kilometre up the logging road from the gate there is a double track trail off the right of the logging road. Follow that down to the stream and Bonnell Creek Falls.


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Pipeline Trail: Extension to Nanaimo River Road

This section of the Trans Canada trail runs along a pipeline access road from Extension Road to Nanaimo River Road. 

You can hike the other section of this trail over to the Abyss trails and Harewood Mines Road or hike this direction to Nanaimo River Road. Hiking towards the river ends at the river as there isn't a bridge yet. 

Follow the Nanaimo River Road to Nanaimo River section of the trail to get down to the river. 

This trail is on the Trackr Map.

Green Mountain

Green Mountain is an old ski hill in the Nanaimo Lakes area betwen Second and Fourth Lake. It's roughly 1465 metres tall but most of that is gained with a drive up the logging roads. The hike up is best in the late spring when the wildflowers are blooming and the snow is gone. Be careful with animals as there are marmots and often elk in the area.

Ammonite Falls

Ammonite Falls is a beautiful set of 50 foot falls near Nanaimo, BC.

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