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TrailMix is an online store and blog directed and small outdoor adventures with kids.


Easy Hiker

Great easy hikes in France and Germany by Michael and Marlys Schuermann


Tips for Hiking With Other People

Hiking Mount Benson Nanaimo

I love hiking by myself. With that said, I don't usually do large trips by myself though in case something goes wrong. It's nice to have another person there to help carry things, figure out where to go on the map and help out if you get injured. Other like-minded people also can make the trip into an incredible adventure as compared to just another hike. Hiking alone can be peaceful and energizing but it can also be lonely at times. It's nice to have a someone to share a summit or view with. 


Atmosphere (Victoria)

Atmosphere has a little bit of everything for the outdoor adventurer. If you snowshoe, run, hike, kayak, climb or bike, you'll be able to find useful gear here.


Sports Traders (Victoria)

Find anything you need for your sports needs. They have a lot of team sport equipment as well as outdoor gear.


Robinson's Outdoors

Similar to MEC and Valhalla, Robinson's has a great selection of gear for hiking, climbing, camping and trail running.


Valhalla Pure Outfitters Victoria

Valhalla Pure Outfitters is a great place for gear for hiking, trail, running and climbing.


Mountain Equipment Co-op Victoria

You can find a little bit of anything at MEC. They stock gear for backpacking, climbing, kayaking, biking and snowshoeing.


Storm Light Outfitters

Storm Light Outfitters carries all sorts of outdoor gear and clothing for camping, hiking, kayaking and boating.