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Elk River Trail

A 12km trail to Landslide and Iceberg Lakes
Elk River Trail
Trail Description

Trail Description

Elk River Trail winds it's way up the Elk River Valley to Landslide Lake and Iceberg Lake. 2 campsites 6 and 9km from the trailhead give plenty of space for campers to enjoy the area.

Landslide Lake is a popular day hike from the second campsite. It's about 3km from the second campsite.

Iceberg Lake is about 1km past Landslide Lake on a rough trail. The trail starts goes around the left side of Landslide Lake and up the creekbed to Iceberg. There is no camping at Landslide Lake or Iceberg Lake.


Note of Warning

There are often wasp nests along the trail.


Directions to Trailhead

Drive north to Campbell River. Turn left onto Highway 28, the Gold River Highway. Follow the Gold River Highway along Upper Campbell lake, going over the bridge towards Gold River. Don't take the Westmin Road turn. 1 hour and 15 minutes or 71km from Campbell River on the side of Highway 28 is the trailhead for the Elk River Trail.


Closest City

Campbell River

Trail Stats
  • Round Trip: 12.00 km
  • Nearest City: Campbell River
  • More than 10km, Lake Beach, Viewpoint, Waterfall