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Pipeline Trail: Extension to Nanaimo River Road

Trail Description: 

This section of the Trans Canada trail runs along a pipeline access road from Extension Road to Nanaimo River Road. 

You can hike the other section of this trail over to the Abyss trails and Harewood Mines Road or hike this direction to Nanaimo River Road. Hiking towards the river ends at the river as there isn't a bridge yet. 

Follow the Nanaimo River Road to Nanaimo River section of the trail to get down to the river. 

This trail is on the Trackr Map.

Directions to Trailhead: 
Drive along Nanaimo River Road. Halfway between White Rapids Road and South Forks road there are 2 gates on either side of the road. One goes past a wood trail marker down to the river. The other is this trail from Nanaimo River Road to Extension Road. Follow the dirt road past the gate.
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