Nanaimo Lakes from Green Mountain

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Mount Benson from Witchcraft Lake

All you need to know to hike Nanaimo's iconic mountain from the front, back or sides.

Camper Creek on the West Coast Trail

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Nanaimo Lakes from Green Mountain
Mount Benson from Witchcraft Lake
Camper Creek on the West Coast Trail

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Stocking Lake Loop

This 12km hike behind Ladysmith follows access roads up and around Stocking Lake. It is easy trail but is gains more than 300 metres in elevation. The trail around the lake is relatively flat but the access road to get up there to start the hike is a good climb. 

See the Garmin Adventure for the Stocking Lake Loop here

Trans Canada Trail: White Pine Trail

This section of the Trans Canada Trail runs from Spruston Road to Timberland Lake. 

The trail is half single track near the Spruston Road end, then turns into logging road. It's well signed. Some of the signs can be tough to see in the trees though so keep a lookout at logging road forks to make sure you are the right track. 

Note: There is no bridge over the Nanaimo River at this time. 

Check out the White Pine Trail on the Vancouver Island Trails Map.

Trans Canada Trail: Haslem Creek to Christie Falls

A 3.8 km hike from Haslem Creek to Christie Falls along the Trans Canada Trail. 

The official start to this part is at the entrance to the Haslem Creek trail but you can drive a kilometre south along rough logging roads and start hiking there. The route passes under the power lines and into the bush. You can drive in a truck to 1.5 km south of the Haslem Creek trailhead. The road isn't very exciting to walk on. 

This trail is on the Trackr Map.

Elk River Trail

Elk River Trail winds it's way up the Elk River Valley to Landslide Lake and Iceberg Lake. 2 campsites 6 and 9km from the trailhead give plenty of space for campers to enjoy the area. 

Landslide Lake is a popular day hike from the second campsite. It's about 3km from the second campsite.

Iceberg Lake is about 1km past Landslide Lake on a rough trail. The trail starts goes around the left side of Landslide Lake and up the creekbed to Iceberg.

There is no camping at Landslide Lake or Iceberg Lake.


Note of Warning:

Jack Point

Right next to Duke point ferry terminal is a beautiful Park and trail to the point. After driving past some of the industrial area you park, walk under the highway, and then are treated with amazing views of Nanaimo.

The trail starts with flat easy trail then goes up and over some small stairs and down the other side. From there you take the easy trail around to jack's point. You can explore the shoreline in a few of the places. The trail is 5km to the point and back.

Juan de Fuca Marine Trail

The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail is a 47km coastal hike on the southern west coast of Vancouver Island. It runs from China Beach near Sooke to Botanical Beach in Port Renfrew. It has considerable elevation gain and loss and can be very muddy in sections. All that up and down amounts to over 8000 feet. It stays near sea level for the most part so there are a lots of small ridges and valleys. Most people take about 4 days to hike the entire trail or you can day-hike from any trailhead.


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Canso Bomber Crash Trail

This 2-2.5 hour hike to a crashed World War II bomber is extremely muddy but worth the work. Make sure you take enough water and food for the day and a compass and GPS to find your way out. It's easy to get turned around in the boggy areas.

Follow the trail in the from the road, through an abandoned building, down the hill and through the marsh. The marshy area is usually marked by flagging and rope. At the end of the marsh you'll find the plane on the hillside. 

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Cokely via CPR Trail

A steep trail up to Mount Cokely from Highway 4 by Cameron Lake.