Mount De Cosmos (via Deadhorse Creek)
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Mount De Cosmos (via Deadhorse Creek)

Mount De Cosmos (via Deadhorse Creek)
Trail Description

Mount De Cosmos is an interesting place to go but tough to get access to. Most of Nanaimo has seen Mount De Cosmos from afar but haven't realized it. From north Nanaimo the mountain just behind Mount Benson is Mount De Cosmos. It often has snow on it a short time sooner and longer than Mount Benson does, being slightly taller. 

This route follows Deadhorse Creek Canyon up the west side of Mount De Cosmos and along the ridge to the summit. 


Directions to Trailhead

South of Nanaimo turn west onto Nanaimo River Road. Alternatively take Nanaimo Lakes Road west from Wakesiah Avenue in Nanaimo. Follow Nanaimo River Road until you reach the end of Second Lake, turn up the logging road branch following the GPS track up Deadhorse Creek Canyon.



Access is difficult to the Nanaimo Lakes area because of TimberWest gates.

Trail Stats
  • Nearest City: Nanaimo
  • Less than 5km