Mount Benson from Witchcraft Lake
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Mount Benson from Witchcraft Lake

Mount Benson from Witchcraft Lake
Trail Description

Trail Description: 

Mount Benson is an excellent day trip for those not wanting to venture far off into the woods. The trail starts from Witchcraft Lake on Benson View Road and Winds it's way up to the summit.

Park on Benson View Road and take the bridge across the lake. Hang a right at the first trail and then a left onto the first or second trail. Both meet at about a quarter of the way up the mountain so it doesn't matter which one you take. Head up on the single track trail until you hit a road with a signpost. The signpost has a map on it that will help you plan the rest of your route. Go straight up for the most direct route or left down the logging road to the Tetuxtwan Trail. You will see more signposts along the way to the Tetuxtwan Trail if you head that way.

Heading straight up from the road and first signpost you will go through a steep, densely treed section and then into a clearcut. At the top of the clearcut is another road. Admire the view over Nanaimo behind you and then head straight over the road and up the trail. Further up the trail it will split and you can go left up the steeper section or right around it. They both end up on the rocky outcrop above you so it doesn't matter which way you take.

Once you hit the rocky outcrop with a view, you are two thirds of the way up the mountain. Once you have rested up head over the back of the outcrop to find a trail that leads back into the woods. There is another signpost on the road here, and it will tell you to head left up the hill. Follow the double track around the bend to the right and all the way to the top.

Congratulations, you have made it to the top of Mount Benson!


Directions to Trailhead

From the south end of Nanaimo, take Jingle Pot Road past the gas station and pub till you reach Kilpatrick Road. Near the end of the Kilpatrick Road take a right onto Benson View Road and drive to the end. Just before the end will be a parking lot and a bridge across Witchcraft Lake. Park here to start your hike.



Mount Benson Hiking Guide from PureOutside (Basic instructions to hiking each of the trails on Mount Benson)

Mount Benson Regional Park information (Regional District of Nanaimo)


GPS Downloads

Mount Benson from Witchcraft Lake (GPX)

Trail Stats
  • Round Trip: 6.00 km
  • Nearest City: Nanaimo
  • More than 5km