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Heather Mountain

Heather Mountain
Trail Description

Just north and east of Lake Cowichan, Heather Mountain offers great views of the lake from it's 1340 metre summit. 

After parking, the trail is deactivated logging road most of the way to the summit. The switchbacks offer a number of views over the hills in the area and back over the lake. The trail is not the most picturesque but the area you can see over is beautiful.

Directions to Trailhead

Follow the Cowichan Lake North Shore Road west to the end of Cowichan Lake. Just before Kissinger Lake the road will fork to go south around the lake and towards Nitinat, take the right fork there which goes north-east. Follow that along to R-Branch. Turn right on the second side-road on R-Branch. It's deactivated and rough. If you have a 4x4 you can arrow on to the parking area or stop and hike from here.

Hiking Considerations

Getting to the trailhead requires the use of a 4x4. Alternatively you could take a 2 wheel drive vehicle to the start of the deactivated road and walk from there.

TimberWest owns the land this trail is located on. Many of the Cowichan Lake area logging roads are gated. Contact TimberWest for the latest access information. 

Other Info about Heather Mountain

Backroad Mapbook Vancouver Island: Page 9 

Websites Links

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Trail Stats
  • Nearest City: Youbou
  • More than 5km