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Heart Lake Trail

Heart Lake Trail
Trail Description

Heart Lake is a small area just behind Ladysmith and Holland Creek Park. The trails around Holland Creek are easy hiking but the section up to Heart Lake is quite steep. The trail is well maintained double- and single-track.

Directions to Trailhead

Drive north on the Island Highway into Ladysmith then turn left on Roberts St. Follow Roberts to the end then turn left on 6th Ave. Park beside the RCMP station and the Holland Creek trail is directly behind the station.

You can also get on the powerlines at Ryan Place further south, walk along the powerlines northwest and then up the trail to Heart Lake. It's a little bit shorter but less scenic. 


The trail from Holland Creek up to Heart Lake is about 4 km to the lake. The trail along the powerlines from Ryan Place is about 3 km to the lake. 

Trail Stats
  • Round Trip: 4.00 km
  • Nearest City: Ladysmith
  • Less than 5km, More than 5km