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Haslem Creek Trail

Haslem Creek Trail
Trail Description

Just south of Nanaimo, Haslem Creek is one of the only suspension bridges in the area. The suspension bridge is a short hike from the trailhead but continue further to find the White Pine Trail and Timberland Lake. Haslem Creek is part of the Trans Canada Trail.

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Directions to Trailhead

Turn onto Timberlands Road across the highway from the Cassidy airport south of Nanaimo. Drive to the end of the road, and left around a sharp corner at the end. At the end there is a gate that should be open. Go through and into a big gravel pit. Drive straight through and take the road on the right. About 1k along this road there will be a blue sign marking the trailhead and a fence on the right hand side.

The suspension bridge is less than a kilometre from the trailhead but you can continue on for 6 kilometres past to the Spruston Road/McKay Lake trailhead if you want.

Trail Stats
  • Nearest City: Nanaimo
  • Less than 5km, More than 5km