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Colliery Dam Park

A large park in Nanaimo with many trails
Colliery Dam Park
Trail Description

Trail Description

Colliery Dam is one of the bigger parks in Nanaimo. It offers two entrances, one on Nanaimo Lakes Road and one at the corner of Wakesiah and Sixth. There are other trail entrances with no parking around the perimeter of the park along Nanaimo lakes Road and Harewood Mines Road. The parking lots are the main points of access to the great trail network in the park.

The main features of the park are 2 dams kept full of water year-round. During the summer, one of the dams is a great swimming hole, though not supervised by a lifeguard. The trails run around both dams and up to the Nanaimo Parkway. Some of the main trails are paved but most are wide dirt paths.

The trail around the upper dam is an official off-leash dog park although not all day. The specific times are listed on this Colliery Dam Park page.

Directions to Trailhead

The main parking lot for Colliery Dam is located at the intersection of Wakesiah Avenue and Sixth Street. There is also another parking area half-way along the Nanaimo Lakes Road side. There are various other small entrances along Harewood Mines Road and Nanaimo Lakes Road that don't include a parking lot.


Trail Stats
  • Nearest City: Nanaimo
  • Less than 5km, Lake Beach, Waterfall