Ammonite Falls
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Ammonite Falls

A 30 minute walk from Nanaimo
Ammonite Falls
Trail Description

Ammonite Falls is a beautiful set of 50 foot falls near Nanaimo, BC. They are fairly unknown to most of the population in Nanaimo, even though they are only a 30 minute hike from town. The trail is a wide double track dirt road to start then descending down at a gentle decline into the ravine where the stream and waterfall sit. The trail arrives at the waterfall high above the falls giving hikers a great view of the falls and stream below. The final descent down to water level is very steep and can be slick with mud. Most of the time there is a rope to assist you down the steep hill.

Great directions to Ammonite Falls are on the PureOutside Blog.

Trail Stats
  • Nearest City: Nanaimo
  • Less than 5km, More than 5km, More than 10km, Viewpoint