Upcoming Trips

These are the upcoming trips that you’ll hear about soon.

…. nothing on the books right now.



These trips have past. Stories and photos coming soon.

A 2 day hike on the Juan De Fuca – September 2012

Kayaking to Blackberry Point on Valdes Island – September 2012

Ski touring to Mount Brooks – January 2013

Sailing the Southern Straights Annual Yacht Race – March 2013

Sailing the Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race – May 2013

Sailing the Swiftsure International Yacht Race – May 2013

Hiking the West Coast Trail – June 2013


Past Trips

Read about all the past trips.

Kayaking to Coffin Point near Ladysmith – April 2013

Ski touring the pizza crust on Mount Becher – January 2013

Climbing Smith Rocks from Brett Watson – September 2012

Ski Touring Mount Adder from Roxy Ahmed – May 2012

Ski Touring 5040 from Roxy Ahmed – April 2012

Ski Touring Mount Brenton from Roxy Ahmed – April 2012