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Satellite Communication: Can a GPS unit help you get rescued? (Part 2)

In the intro to this series on Satellite Communication, I did a brief overview of what's out there now to communicate through satellite. There are GPS which help you navigate but not communicate, there are 1-way and 2-way satellite messengers that let you send small messages, and there are satellite phones for voice calls and text over satellite. We'll be looking at GPS in this article, what they do and what they don't do. To start, we need to look at what a GPS is. After that we can compare it to the other devices. What is a GPS? A

Tiny Power: The GoalZero Flip 30 Review

Tiny Power: The GoalZero Flip 30 Review
GoalZero started in 2009 out of Robert Workmans work abroad to reduce poverty. He was frustrated with all the obstacles to helping people create sustainable lifestyles. After almost giving up and leaving the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where he was helping at the time, he came to a realization: “If not us, who? If not now, when?” One of the issues was power. Getting reliable power opens a lot of doors for people in developing countries and helps those in need after emergencies like natural disasters. Since the start with a focus on helping in developing countries and emergency

15 Ways to Extend your GPS Battery Life

15 Ways to Extend your GPS Battery Life
GPS can be a blessing when you’re out adventuring but they have an achilles heel that can get you into serious trouble. GPS use batteries. Electricity makes our modern life amazing but it can be a serious liability in the backcountry. Batteries don’t last forever. If you are using your GPS a lot and have all the features enabled, it may only last a few hours. That’s just about the amount of time it takes to get deep into the woods and have your gps batteries die. If you are using a GPS, always have a backup like a map

Garmin Basecamp Series: Everything you need to know about Garmin’s GPS Software

GPS are becoming so popular these days with avid outdoors people and folks cruising around cities. If you own a smartphone, you already have a gps in your pocket. Knowing which streets to take to an address is great if you're driving but how do you follow the maze of logging roads and trail networks through the woods to exactly the spot you want to go? Trail GPS and the software that comes with it can help you there. Garmin is one company that makes excellent GPS and they have a great piece of software to help you get the

Garmin Forerunner 405 Training Watch Review

How closely do you time your runs? If you're like me, up to year and a bit ago I never timed anything. I'd run a distance I thought was close to when I should run and call it a day. I didn't really measure much. I guess that's why my results were less than stellar when I'd finish a race. They were respectable but certainly nothing amazing. I've heard the saying "What gets measures, gets improved" but never really paid it much attention. I had running to do and I wasn't going to waste some of that time, fiddling around

How I Found a Garmin Montana 600 in my Pocket

This first part is a bit of a story about the demise of my Garmin Colorado 300. Skip to the second part for the Montana 600 review. I've had the chance to use a few different GPS over the last couple years. They were all Garmin but they all had different features that I could test out and see if I liked. There were things that I liked and things that I didn't like. I used my friends of families when I could so I didn't have to buy my own. I finally got one of my own and opted