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Taking You From Reader to Adventurer

Hiking Day Trip Gear Checklist

  Hiking day trips are very easy to get into. You don't need to take a lot of stuff on each trip to have a great time. Longer day trips might need a little bit more so here's a checklist so you don't forget to bring everything you need. This list is really only just for a day trip. You won't need any camping gear for the short ones. To Do Before Hiking Make sure you have everything Research where you are going Let someone know arrival and departure times Gear To Bring Hiking Clothing Waterproof jacket Waterproof pants Warm,

Resort Skiing Gear Checklist

No matter how much we want to be touring every day, there are times when conditions push us towards just skiing a day on the resort. Resort skiing doesn't demand as much gear as touring, but it still sucks to forget something so here's a check list for it. Ski Gear Skis (with bindings) Boots Poles Helmet Clothing Waterproof pants Waterproof jacket Gloves Toque Goggles/sunglasses Ski socks Layers for top Layers for Bottom Dry clothes for the ride home Misc Money and lift passes Backpack Camera Walky Talkies Food Food for lunch Snacks Water Food for the ride home Transportation

Snowshoe Day Trip Gear Checklist

I've been trying to ski as much as possible lately but if the trip is with people that don't have skis or is in more technical terrain sometimes we opt to go with snowshoes. Here are the things I bring with me snowshoeing. Let me know what you bring in the comments. Main Items Snowshoes Hiking Poles Pack Clothing Waterproof Jacket Waterproof Pants Warm clothing Toque Gloves Hiking boots Gaiters Sunglasses Food and Water Lunch Camelback with water Thermos with warm drink or soup Navigation GPS Map Compass Miscellaneous Camera Chap Stick Safety Headlamp Emergency Blanket First aid kit Spot

Ski Touring Day Trip Gear Checklist

With the winter upon us in full swing on the West Coast, it's time to haul out the ski touring gear. Most of the gear I take on my day trips is similar no matter where we are going. Depending on the weather the number of layers and thicknesses will change but the basic gear stays the same. Note: Travelling in the backcountry can be dangerous and appropriate precautions should be taken. Make sure you are prepared. Ski Gear Skis (with bindings) Boots Skins Poles Helmet Avi Gear Beacon Probe Shovel Clothing Waterproof pants Waterproof jacket Light gloves Heavy gloves