Taking You From Reader to Adventurer

What is CrossFit?

This is another post in the CrossFit Challenge Series.  ** Up until recently I had no idea what this thing called CrossFit was. Through the CrossFit Challenge, I finally had a chance to see for myself what all the hoopla is about. CrossFit is a workout framework devised by Greg Glassman in 2000. There are over 4400 affiliate gyms around the world that run the CrossFit banner and train athletes in the CrossFit lifestyle. Daily workouts posted on They also have the CrossFit Journal where they publish articles and videos about CrossFit methods and exercises. Give your all in

CrossFit Challenge Week 14: Muscle-up Attempts and Flying Knees to Elbows

3 Months of CrossFit. DONE! It’s been quite the ride. This is the last regular post of the challenge about the workout. The rest of them will be review and wrap-up stuff. Stay tuned for that. I know you’re excited to finally read about the end of this thing! Buy-In Worked on skills and some muscle-up progressions. I didn’t try a full muscle-up because I didn’t think I was going to get it. It’s a MUSCLE-UP! I can’t do those. Or so I thought. I tried in a later class and almost got it. So close but not quite but

CrossFit Challenge Week 13: Burpees and Pacing

2 more weekly posts in the CrossFit Challenge with CrossFit Nanaimo! Next weeks will be the last post. Pretty stoked to wrap-up this whole challenge and do some review with it. It's been a great time so far. My final thoughts will be in the wrap-up post one post after this one. Tuesday's WOD Tuesday's workout was awesome except for one thing. We'll get into that after. Here's the workout we did. Originally it was going to be 3 rounds but it was scaled back because it took so long. 2 rounds for time: 20 Burpees 200 m run 20 Hang Power

CrossFit Challenge Week 12: No Rack Back Squats and Callus Correction

Really getting close to the end of the CrossFit Challenge with CrossFit Nanaimo. It's flown by so fast. I've had a blast checking out the CrossFit scene and pounding my muscles into submission. I missed a day this week so the workout section of this post will be short and sweet. Then we'll tear into a problem a lot of CrossFitters have when they spend a heavy workout on the bar doing pullups:  calluses. I've been having some problems with calluses when we're on the bar a lot and sometimes it's just annoying, sometimes it's full-on painful. I'll dig into

CrossFit Challenge Week 11: Goats, Beefcakes and Good Shoes

I still laugh at the title of this one. I just had to throw that out there. Sorry for it being a week late! Buying a house apparently takes up more time than I thought. I did get a bit sidetracked researching CrossFit shoes too. I've got some good pointers for shoes at the bottom of this post. Let's hop into the WODs we did for week 11 of the CrossFit Challenge with CrossFit Nanaimo. Tuesday's WOD 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (200m run in between) Snatch Deadlift (Deadlifting the weight off the ground with a wide Snatch grip) Hang Power Snatch (Snatching the

CrossFit Challenge Week 10: Turkish Get-ups and Too Many Sit-ups

4 updates left in the Nanaimo CrossFit Challenge! Follow along for the final updates.  ** This week we got to experience the Turkish Get-Up. Dun dun dun. They're not that scary really. But they do make you think. Buy-in: Ring rows and handstands Our Buy-In this week was ring rows and handstands. Ring rows are basically the opposite of a push-up. The rings hang from the roof or a bar and you set them about hip height. Setting them higher or lower changes the workout and how hard you have to work. Hang from the rings with your arms vertical

CrossFit Challenge Week 9: Butterflys and Grip Strength

This week had great new WOD's with new exercises in them then I hadn't tried yet. The Sept 25 CrossFit Workout was my first partner workout. Partner workout?! That means I actually have to get myself moving faster because I have a partner to answer to?! Yup. Working with a partner can push you harder. It really depends on how you feel about that partner though. You could not care and only go as fast as you want to. Or, like most people will I think, you can push it that little bit harder because it's not just you on the

CrossFit Challenge Week 8: What’s Mobility

Alright, it's back at it for CrossFit. The Sickness in Week 7 wasn't so great but it's getting better. Even after a week off of CrossFit and some time off work, I don't feel 100 percent but getting there. Way better than laying around hacking up a lung! Tuesday's WOD was a 20 Minute AMRAP was a collection of bodyweight exercises that added up to 50 reps. It started with 15 air squats and decreased in number from there. I love these ones because there's a mind game to them. You have to pace yourself. There's a 30 second rest

CrossFit Challenge Week 7: The Sickness

If you've been following along with the CrossFit Challenge, you'll probably be wondering where I've been the last couple weeks! Hard at work at the Nanaimo CrossFit gym, of course! Well, every week except for Week 7 of the challenge. September 11 and 13th I had to miss out on my workouts because I was hit with the perfect storm the weekend before had a bad cold. I really didn't feel like doing anything. I spent a couple days in bed, which is the last thing I ever want to do.  It did feel good to get some good rest

CrossFit Challenge – Week 6: Humbled by Overhead Squats

Another week and another 2 wicked CrossFit workouts from Katie at Nanaimo CrossFit. This week definitely had tough workouts and I really gave everything I could. It got me thinking about how hard I was trying with the workouts and how hard they (might) sound in my writing about them. You Choose Your Workout  Someone mentioned the other day after reading a few of the Challenge Posts that it sounded really hard. I agreed that it was tough but it got me thinking about how that affects new people coming into CrossFit. Before I started CrossFit I had heard it was