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LaceLocker Review: Tiny device keeps your shoes tied through long runs and any conditions

LaceLocker Review: Tiny device keeps your shoes tied through long runs and any conditions
How do you keep your shoe laces tied running, riding or on the kids at the park? Can be tough. Stop during the race and kill your momentum. Not notice your laces are untied and fall flat on your face. Riding with untied laces and risk having them wrapped around your pedal and suddenly you are tied to your bike. Clipped on with no way to get out. How often are the kids running around with laces untied. They bounce more than we do when they hit the ground but it’s still hard to watch. And entirely preventable. Clip a

Why Bring a Tarp on the West Coast Trail?

Why would you want to bring a tarp on the West Coast Trail? It's a gruelling 75km hike up and down ladders, through mud pits and soft sand. That doesn’t exactly sound like a great place to take extra weight in that already heavy backpack of yours. It is extra weight, yes. But weight that is very worth it. Here’s why. The wet coast, I mean, the west coast of Vancouver Island can be a very wet place. There’s a reason why it’s called a rainforest. There’s plenty of rain to keep the ‘rain’ in rainforest. When you’re hiking through those

Backpacking Stove Glossary

Backpacking stoves can be complicated little beasts. There are many different types each type, each with their own wide variety of specs, pros and cons. You’ll need to know some of the lingo before you go anywhere. Here’s a glossary to get you started. Alcohol - Alcohol stoves are popular in the lightweight backpacking community. They can be easily made and just require a bit of alcohol to burn which can be purchased at many hardware  or drug stores. Alcohol stoves take longer to boil water than liquid fuel stoves and iso-butane stoves. CrunchIt - A tool from JetBoil used to

Icebreaker teams up with Simon Beck for new base layer designs

November 2014, teamed up with Icebreaker Canada for a giveaway of a few of their newest long sleeve shirts from their Simon Beck collection. I threw in an entry because I can’t resist the chance to win some new merino wool base layers. And it just looked so cool. I ate something lucky that day because I received one of the shirts in the mail a few weeks later. Stoked! Two questions you probably have right now; Who’s Simon Beck and what’s merino wool? Valid questions. Merino wool is a soft, fine wool from the merino sheep. Icebreaker and other outdoor clothing

Finding Happiness in the Pursuit of Big Goals

Some of the greatest stories in history have been large quests. The kind where the hero goes out and returns months or years later after having battled through epic obstacles. They return triumphant a completely different person with more experience, wisdom and possibly a few scars. Quests are not only the stuff of epic stories but the material for a deeply satisfying life. Some people have made it their lives to teach others about the outdoors or conquer the highest mountains of the world. But they don’t have to be huge, they can also be right in your back yard.

Choosing the right outdoor sport for you

The number of outdoor sports you can choose from is growing every day. It can be hard to choose which one to start with. One of PureOutside's contributor's, Susie Wing, has a few questions for you to help figure out which sport you should start with. ** [caption id="attachment_2263" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Running equipment can be simple.[/caption] So you know you want to take up a new sport and you know that you want it to be outdoors. So far, so good. But what if, when you come to research it, you find yourself overwhelmed by choice? It might seem obvious,

Book Review: The Avalanche Handbook

That feeling of being weightless, gliding through the dry, powdery snow. That feeling of wonder as you gaze at the snow-capped peaks surrounding you entirely. That feeling of relaxation as you realize there's no work, no computers and no boss within 50 kilometers of where you are now. Backcountry touring, whether on a splitboard or skis, is like you're in another world entirely. Yes, it's an incredible amount of work to reach the top of a snow-covered mountain using your muscles alone but when you touch that summit, when you realize there's no one else around, you feel the satisfaction

Scouts Canada Looking for Volunteers in Nanaimo

Do you have outdoor skills that you would like to share with boys and girls ages 14 to 17?   Scouts Canada, the leading youth organization in Canada, is searching for the right people to fill the roles of Venturer Advisor with a local Scout group.  If you have experience with multi-day hiking trips, canoeing on flat and white water, cycling, or climbing, and are willing to share your skills and talents, call today. The time commitment is an average of 1.5 hours per week plus a weekend adventure roughly every 6 weeks. For more information on this rewarding volunteer opportunity,

Newsletter? Yes! A PureOutside Newsletter

It's official, the first PureOutside newsletter will be coming out this Thursday, March 6th. You can sign up on the PureOutside Newsletter page. The monthly emails will have great photos, cool links and new contests for free gear. I don't like reading huge emails and you probably don't either so they'll be short and sweet with links to all the good stuff. No more remember to check the blog for the latest, now it's just straight to your inbox. If you'd rather just get blog posts automatically, you can do that too on the blog post signup page. Sign up

PureOutside Picks October 2013

Welcome to this edition of Picks. This is where we pick the best new articles, videos and music from around the interwebs to keep you pumped for your next adventure. --- The CampSiteBlog by Meghan J. Ward Inner Journeys. Outdoor World. Meghan talks about the inner more intellectual side of the outdoor world we love. Garmin Fenix GPS Watch  A new GPS watch from Garmin Garmin Virb Action Camera Lookout GoPro Garmin has a new action camera Suunto Ambit GPS Watch  Suunto competitor to the Fenix Van Isle Paddleboard Co on Facebook These guys are Vancouver