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Running Gear: The Best Way to Carry Your Phone

Running Gear: The Best Way to Carry Your Phone
The air was warm and the sun was out. I was right in the groove. The perfect song was playing as I weaved back and forth through the trees running through the trees in Linley Valley. Then a slow song came on. Everything slowed down. I forgot about the beautiful trees and water and grass. All I could think about was how this new song was really not the right tempo. My groove was gone. I reached for my left upper arm. My music-playing phone wasn't there because it feels too big and heavy on my arm. I reached for

Lunch by the Coffin: A kayak from Ladysmith

Lunch by the Coffin: A kayak from Ladysmith
Easter weekend rolled around this year and it was the best weather I've seen in a long time. Partly because Easter tends to surrounded by terrible weather and it's been winter for the last 6 months! After spending Friday and Saturday outside in the Southern Straights Yacht Race and Sunday outside at a family bonfire for easter, I thought Sunday should continue the trend. The weather was supposed to be warm and sunny, the wind a few knots from the south. Perfect conditions for a kayak out of Ladysmith. I took the Narpa down to the Ladysmith Fisherman's Wharf boat

Why an Outdoor Cooperative = 4 Seasons of Fun

Why an Outdoor Cooperative = 4 Seasons of Fun
Today my friend Jessica Glendinning lends her writing and outdoor skills to the blog. I first met Jessica at a conference in Portland called the World Domination Summit. Cool name right? Lots of cool people too. We got talking about the outdoors and I found out she co-owns an outdoor cooperative in Virigina. I had to know more. Here she is to explain. * You may be asking yourself: What exactly is an outdoor cooperative? To start, the Outdoor Adventure Social Club (OASC) is a worker-owned cooperative, which means that there are 12 co-op owners who each have an equal share in

Julbo Nomad Sunglasses Review

When I first found the Julbo Nomad sunglasses I was a little skeptical. They were from a french company that I had never heard of, they were expensive, and they were a little different style than I was used to wearing. I was actually looking for some big white sunglasses at the time, so I ended up with the complete opposite. The Nomad's are a sleek pair of sunglasses from french eyewear producer, Julbo. They're designed for mountaineering and other sports where you'd need dark lenses and lots of light coverage. They also stick to your head like glue. No

Vancouver Island 2012 Races and Events

2012 is going to be another awesome year to get outside and participate in the great events all over the island. There are races of all size and description for you to participate in. You can run, mountain bike, ski, kayak, snowboard, road bike, canoe and sail. Make sure you check back to this page as it will get better and better every month! I'll be adding to it whenever I hear about a new awesome event. If you've got one for a different area let us know! * There are currently lots of events still to be announced and

How I Found a Garmin Montana 600 in my Pocket

This first part is a bit of a story about the demise of my Garmin Colorado 300. Skip to the second part for the Montana 600 review. I've had the chance to use a few different GPS over the last couple years. They were all Garmin but they all had different features that I could test out and see if I liked. There were things that I liked and things that I didn't like. I used my friends of families when I could so I didn't have to buy my own. I finally got one of my own and opted

Banff Mountain Film Festival 2010

We just had 2 days of fantastic videos in Nanaimo. Valhalla Pure Outfitters has put on the show here in Nanaimo for the last 15 years. I've only gone the last few but all have been fantastic. The shows have got to be so popular that Valhalla has started 2 shows so everyone can go. The films were diverse as usual. They ranged from  a collection of still photos from the Alberta countryside to kayaking across the Tasman Sea from Australia to New Zealand. I've collected as many of the trailers and producer information of the ones I saw here.

The Season Ep 12 – Washed Away

Shit hits the fan. It's the middle of the night and there is water everywhere. What went wrong? They were all ready to charge in and tame the mighty waters that are the Butze Rapids and now they're barely hanging on. What will happen? The Season Episode 12 from Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith on Vimeo. Missed the last one? Check out Episode 11 - Half way through.

The Season Ep 8 Paul Arrives at the Butze

Paul and crew arrive at the Butze Rapids in near Prince Rupert BC to find they're not exactly what they expected. The Season Episode 8 from Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith on Vimeo. Just tuning in? Check out The Season Episode 7 Anya Battles Injuries The next one is already out! The Season Episode 9 Will It Go ?

The Season Ep 2 Paul Kuthe

The Season Episode 2 from Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith on Vimeo. Get more info at The Season TV Missed the first one? The Season Ep 1 - It Begins Check out the next one at The Season Ep 3 - Anya Miller and Gold Bar Bouldering