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Win Family Tickets to the Vancouver Adventure Travel Show

The Vancouver Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show is coming up. March 4 and 5th more than 250 outdoor gear and adventure travel vendors cram into the Vancouver Convention Centre with brand new products to try, great deals on gear and big bike, SUP and kayak demos. “B.C.’s largest showcase of outdoor gear & adventure travel experiences” is what they call it. Sounds good eh. Win Tickets! We’ve got 2 family packs of 4 tickets to give away for the show in March in Vancouver. All you have to do is comment below to get a chance to win. Let us

15 Ways to Extend your GPS Battery Life

15 Ways to Extend your GPS Battery Life
GPS can be a blessing when you’re out adventuring but they have an achilles heel that can get you into serious trouble. GPS use batteries. Electricity makes our modern life amazing but it can be a serious liability in the backcountry. Batteries don’t last forever. If you are using your GPS a lot and have all the features enabled, it may only last a few hours. That’s just about the amount of time it takes to get deep into the woods and have your gps batteries die. If you are using a GPS, always have a backup like a map

Garmin Basecamp: How to export to Google Earth

Garmin Basecamp: How to export to Google Earth
Google Earth has become an indispensable tool for viewing hiking tracks and planning out your hike. You can see what kind of land you are going to be encountering, or see a birds eye view of the trails and land you just hiked. I use Google Earth all the time to see GPS tracks and waypoints. The satellite imagery on the maps is so detailed in many places which makes it easier to see little features that may not show on a topographic map. Garmin Basecamp has a great feature that lets you export your gps information straight to Google

Beta Testing: Free early access to PureOutside Guides

Looking for free access to the latest guides we put out here on PureOutside? If you're willing to help us review brand new guides we put out you can have access for free. The new Beta Testing program allows you free access to the latest and greatest guides we put up on the site. We've already got 2 great guides for sale and lots more coming on the way. What guides can you help test and review?  Epic Hiking: Mount Benson Epic Hiking: Juan de Fuca Marine Trail Epic Gear: Backpacking Stoves (coming soon)   What do I have to

How to choose a camping stove

Today we're going to jump into some details about camp stoves and what you'll want to consider when getting a new one. Let's get cookin'. --- You've just spent all day hiking. You're exhausted. All you want to is that giant burger to stuff in your face. But you don't have a giant burger in your pack, backpacking food is all you've got. Chances are you need to heat water or food before you can eat it. And you probably want to heat things up anyways. A hot meal after a long day hiking, especially in cold, miserable weather, could