We all want to get outside more. Well, most of us do.

It’s the greatest feeling in the world to be happy, outside, in the fresh air. Forget the noise, smog and people of the city and head outside into the wilderness where there is so much to see and do. You don’t need to pay for any of it, it’s all there for the taking.

PureOutside is about getting up off your butt and getting outside into the water, into the dirt, into the fresh air.

It’s all about doing something outside. Back to where it’s pure, fresh and awesome.

Our goals have changed a bit since the beginning but they remain very solidly rooted in the outdoors. While having fun outside is one of the most important parts of all activities there are sometimes underlying purposes to them as well.


Our Mission

1. Get everyone outside – Every. Single. Person. All of them need to be outside moving every single day. No excuses.

2. Map the Worlds Trails – So many trails are begging to be hiked but can’t be found online anywhere. We aim to change that.

3. Bring together the brightest outdoor minds and the best outdoor information. What happens after that we leave to you.


Topics on PureOutside

Start Hiking

It can be intimidating to get into hiking. There can be a lot of gear involved. We cover exactly what you need to know to start hiking in the Start Hiking series.

Trip Reports

We’ve been to some great places and we want to share the stories and photos from those places. The Trip Report section has great blog posts about all the outdoor trips we’ve been on.

What is it?

There’s a bewildering array of different gear for every outdoor sport. The What Is It? section is all about deciphering what all that gear is and what it does.

Gear Reviews

Some gear is good, some gear is not so good. The Gear Reviews is for you to find out what you want to spend your hard-earned money on and what you don’t.

Awesome Athletes

There are athletes everywhere that are doing amazing things. In the Awesome Athletes section we profile some of those athletes and how they do what they do.

Blog Carnival

Every once in a while we get together with a bunch of other outdoor bloggers, scarf down some cotton candy and do a blog carnival. It’s basically a party of blog posts along a certain theme.


We’ve got to get to the trails somehow right? This section covers the vehicles that get us to the start of our adventures.

Outdoor How-To (coming soon)

Not everyone is born with the skills needed to plan a multi-day kayak or climb a 5.10 route but we can help. The Outdoor How-To section gives you the skills to get do the adventures you want.

Foto Friday (coming soon)

Sometimes it’s hard to get outside. This is the next best thing. In the Foto Friday section we post great photos from the amazing outdoor places we’ve seen.


Current Projects


We will be mapping and photographing every trail on Vancouver Island over the next few years. It’s an ambitious project but one that desperately needs to be done. Vancouver Island is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts but it can be difficult to find accurate, up-to-date information on where you want to go. That’s where we come in. PureOutside is in the process of building a unique trip report and trail database to house all the information collected on Vancouver Island. Once that project is finished, it’s on to map the rest of the world!


Our Team

Ross Collicutt¬†(Ross’ posts)

Editor and founder of PureOutside, been playing sports inside and outside all his life. Favorites soccer and rugby slowly evolved into a passion for running, mountain biking, hiking, sailing, snowshoeing and wakeboarding. Hell bent on trying everything he can, he writes about his latest adventures here on  Ross also writes about Lifestyle Design, Personal Development and Learning on his blog rcThink.