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  • LaceLocker Review: Tiny device keeps your shoes tied through long runs and any conditions

LaceLocker Review: Tiny device keeps your shoes tied through long runs and any conditions

LaceLocker Review: Tiny device keeps your shoes tied through long runs and any conditions

Lace Lockers out in the sun

How do you keep your shoe laces tied running, riding or on the kids at the park? Can be tough.

Stop during the race and kill your momentum. Not notice your laces are untied and fall flat on your face.

Riding with untied laces and risk having them wrapped around your pedal and suddenly you are tied to your bike. Clipped on with no way to get out.

How often are the kids running around with laces untied. They bounce more than we do when they hit the ground but it’s still hard to watch. And entirely preventable.

Clip a Lace Locker on your shoes and you won’t have to deal with untied laces.

What is a Lace Locker?

A Lace Locker is a funky little device you stick on your shoe laces. With little hook and loop (velcro) tabs, they keep your laces all collected together. Wrapped up in the Lace Locker tabs, they’ll never untie themselves.

To put them on your shoes, slide the first table under your laces and push down, sandwiching the laces on the top of your foot in between two Lace Locker tabs. See the pictures below in the TevaSphere trail runners.

Lace Locker: First tab

If your laces go through a loop on the tongue of your shoe, you’ll have to take them out of the loop. The tab of the Lace Locker has to have space to slide down on top of the tongue and under the laces.

Lace Locker: Fold down to the top

Tie a single knot and then wrap the two loops and two tails together between the 2 top Lace Locker tabs. Wrap the tabs around the laces and push down to secure. Don’t think about your laces again.

Lace Locker: Wrap up the laces

What do they do?

So the Lace Lockers wrap up your laces so they don’t bounce around and untie themselves. Pretty simple. Nice to have.

Great for racing when you don’t want to have to kill your momentum to stop and tie shoes. If your shoes are covered in mud, you won’t have to touch them because they won’t come untied. Rinse or run through the wash to clean the Lace Lockers.

Lace Locker: Great for trail runs

Perfect for kids running around with untied laces all the time. Wrap up those laces and they won’t be face planting.

Seniors or vision-impaired folks can do their shoes up once and not have to worry about seeing them or kneeling down to their shoes to tie up shoes again.

I’ve come back from trail runs with twigs and random bit and pieces of the forest hanging off my laces. Usually don’t notice. If I do notice it’s because a twig is whipping my shins with every step. Not very comfortable.

One of the stories from the Lace Locker site was from a lady who hated the feeling of her laces hitting her shins when she ran. I can relate. I had a pair of shoes that did that and it drove me nuts. Wrap the laces up in Lace Lockers. No more stabby laces tips in your shins.

Where you can get them?

All sorts of different colours are available on The basic grey, blue or black or even skull and cross bones. If you want to be seen at night, get the reflective logo. Most are $8 to $10 per pair.

Lace Locker: Many different colours

Get some Lace Lockers as prizes from your event or for your running team with custom graphics.

The Lace Lockers went from a strange new product that I had never seen to a fantastic tool for better races and trail runs. The kids will be wearing them too. donates 20% of every LaceLocker to help put young girls through college. Can’t think of a better cause than that. Proceeds from some models are donated to specific things. Help a cause and keep your laces tied at the same time.

Lace Locker: Floating in the clouds

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Lace Lockers for free from Lace Locker as coordinated by Deep Creek PR, an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company, in consideration for review publication.

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