The Map VI Outdoors Project

Have you ever tried to find a specific piece of information about a trail?

Have you ever looked for current conditions on a ridge where you’re going to go hiking?

Have you ever needed to know when gates into a particular area are open or closed?

It’s incredibly hard to find some of this information. Even if you can find it, it requires looking in a variety of places. Local outdoors shops, websites, online forums, friends of friends. There’s many different places too look. Sometimes they’ll have the information. Sometimes they won’t. It feels like going on a wild goose chase just to get some information about a place.

What outdoor information we do find online is scattered all over the place. Some blog has a bit, some hiker has a couple of photos, some website has a trail description and some guy named Jim hiked it last weekend and knows the current conditions. Looking for an accurate GPS track of the place you’re looking for? Good luck.

The Map VI Project

Vancouver Island has some of the richest outdoor areas to explore in the world but it can be hard to find accurate information about each of them. The internet can help.

Instead of having little bits of information scattered all over the web, we can bring it together one place that’s easy to find and easy to navigate. It could become THE place for outdoor information on Vancouver Island. Current photos, trip reports, trail information and GPS tracks all in one place. You want to start your adventure, not be stuck trying to find the information.


We need your help.

There is just too much out there for one small group of people to map, photograph and write about. That is where you come in.

We need you to track everything with your GPS, photograph everything you can and write it all down in captivating trip reports. Send it to us however you can. Email, or send us a message through the contact page. Let us know what you’ve been doing and how you did it!

Once the new site is launched, all the information will be joined together in the smoothest way possible. You’ll be able to find all the pieces you need for your next adventurer anywhere on Vancouver Island in no time at all.

What are your thoughts on the whole idea? What do you want to see in the project?

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