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Outdoor Stores in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

My goal is to make this an awesome and exhaustive list of the rad outdoor shops in Nanaimo and on Vancouver Island. If you notice any that are missing, comment or email and I’ll add them to the list right away! And away we go….

Valhalla Pure Outfitters (Outdoors)

Everything you need for heading into the outdoors, they’ve got gear for hiking, running, AT and cross country skiing, climbing, kayaking and snowshoeing. I have to put in a bit of a disclaimer here; I worked there for a while and loved it.

Valhalla Pure Website |  Directions to Valhalla Pure | (250) 751-8686

Alberni Outpost (Outdoors)

Alberni has most everything you would need if you were heading on an outdoor adventure. Heavy into kayaks, Alberni sells gear for kayaking, hiking, and camping.

Alberni Outpost Website |  Directions to Alberni Outpost | (250) 760-0044

Wholesale Sports Outdoor Outfitters (Outdoors)

A large warehouse style outdoor store, if you’re into hunting, fishing or camping, you’ll probably find something you need at Wholesale Sports Outdoor Outfitters

Wholesale Sports Outdoor Outfitters Website |  Directions to Wholesale Sports Outdoor Outfitters | (250) 729-2668

ONO Work and Safety (Outdoors)

Not your typical outdoors shop but they do have lots of outdoor gear, first aid, and trades gear.

ONO WebsiteDirections to ONO’s | (250) 390-4556

Romper Room (Climbing)

” Since 1996 the Romper Room has been Vancouver Islands Premier Indoor Rock Climbing destination …For Fun …For Fitness …To Challenge Your Mind! We are dedicated to providing a safe and fun climbing experience for everyone!”

Romper Room Website |  Directions to the Romper Room | (250) 751-7618

Frontrunners Nanaimo (Running)

Looking for a clinic for running? Talk to the folks at Frontrunners.

“At Frontrunners we pride ourselves in our clinics. Whether you are looking for a group to walk with, looking to start a run/walk program, or looking to improve your running performances we have a clinic to help. Our clinic leaders are trained in running and walking techniques, injury prevention, and basic nutrition and are there to answer any questions you may have.”

Frontrunners Website |  Directions to Frontrunners | (250) 729-8200

Running Room (Running)

The Running Room reputation has been built upon product innovation, quality and the knowledge of our sport.Through the input of our customers and the staff, our products have been tested and proven as products of choice. The Running Room’s unique private label products have been developed to provide customers with the best in style, functionality, fabric innovations and reasonable price.”

Running Room WebsiteDirections to Running Room | (250) 758-4018

Oak Bay Bikes (Biking)

“The place where you will find the latest specials, news, and race results. Click back often to keep abreast of the changes here at Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo as well as the latest local training rides in the area. Oak Bay Bikes Nanaimo is more then just a bike shop, it’s the hub of the cycling community in the Nanaimo area, so drop by and say hello.”

Oak Bay Bikes WebsiteDirections to Oak Bay Bikes | (250) 760-0211

Arrowsmith Bikes Nanaimo (Biking)

An excellent bike shop in Nanaimo. Arrowsmith firmly believes in a better life through cycling.

Arrowsmith Bikes WebsiteDirections to Arrowsmith Bikes | (250) 758-6675

Bastion Cycle (Biking)

Another locally owned bike shop in Nanaimo. Definitely talk to these guys if you’re looking to get into cycling.

Directions to Bastion Cycle | (250) 758-2453

Pacific Rim Bicycles (Biking)

“Whatever category of bike you are looking for, whether it’s a Mountainbike, Hybrid, Comfort, Beach Cruiser, City / Commuter bike, Touring, Road, BMX, Tandem, Recumbent, Kids, or even Off-road Unicyle’s, that’s right we can get you one. Stop by, I think you’ll find what you’re looking for. And if we don’t have it, we’ll do our best to get it for you.”

Pacific Rim WebsiteDirections to Pacific Rim | (250) 758-2118

If I’ve missed any of your favorite hangouts, please let me know in the comments or on the contact page.

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Thanks for the suggestion Bruno! I'll add that to the Victoria list.


Thanks! I couldn't remember the name of that one. Added!


Thanks Julie! I always forget about them! I'll add it to the list.


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