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PureOutside is focused on helping you, the human-powered adventurer, get out to cool places, find the best gear and save the places where you love to play. 


The Pillars

These are the main tenets that we live for.



In our eyes, there's nothing better. No gas, no engines, no pollution, no garbage. Pure human power. It's you against yourself. You against the rock. You against the elements. No outside assistance. The most satisfying battle there is.  

Save the Places We Play

We like playing outside, if you can't tell. The trees and dirt and lakes and mountains are the basic pieces of our playground. Those pieces are becoming increasingly hard to find, our playground is getting smaller and smaller. Concrete is permanently covering over the natural world. That's not ok with us. We work hard to save the natural places for playing.

From Reader to Adventurer 

The basic outdoor education. Some people had it before they could walk, others they still spend most of their time in the concrete jungle and are just starting to learn. Everybody, and I mean everbody is able to get outside and benefits from it. Whether you are sleeping in the office in a big city, you sneak out onto the trails on the weekend or you are outside 23 hours of the day, there's lots to learn and lots of people to learn from. Everyone can learn. Everyone can teach. One thing is for sure, with regular baby steps anyone can go from armchair adventurer to real one.


Some people don't value the wilderness the way we do. They don't care about throwing their garbage out in the woods and leaving it there. We strive to pick up at least one piece of garbage every trip. If everyone did the same we'd hardly see any garbage at all.

Every Week

Sometimes it's tough to schedule some outside time around life. Plans get made, people get busy, life gets tough. An easy way around that is to schedule some outside time every week. Every single week. No questions. It can be tough to fit that into your schedule but you'll fill amazing when you get out. Make it once a week and it will just become a habit. Be careful though, it might turn into 3 or 4 or 5 times a week. But no one said that was a bad thing.

Share the Story

If the story doesn't get out in the form of video, photos or writing, no one else can see it, learn from it, be inspired by it. That doesn't mean Facebook, Instagram, Tweet and YouTube every moment of every adventure but most adventures produce good lessons and good stories. Share them.


Our Topics

Our writing topics are ever-expanding. As we find more time for adventures and learning new sports we'll tackle more topics. These topics we currently cover:


Ocean Kayaking

Backcountry Ski Touring

Trail Running


Our Sections

Under each sport there's a few different sections. Each offer different kinds of information that's needed on your adventures.

Trip Reports

The most accurate information about trails and conditions come from the folks that were just out there. Good trip reports are a gold mine of information when you're planning a trip. We try to document every single trip we do, even if it's just a few quick details about the trail.

Gear Reviews

Gear can make or break a trip. Comfortable gear makes for a comfortable trip. But with all the gear out there which ones do you go with? Browse our trip reports when you're looking for new gear and you'll find the stuff that we like the best.


Outdoor trips can be physically demanding. Trying to keep up with friends the whole trip is tiring, demoralizing and doesn't give you time to enjoy the scenery. Some training during the week is the perfect solution to adding some more energy to your trips.


Epic Guides

Often the information on a trail, mountain or camping area is disjointed and hard to find. Instead of adding to the mess of information on the internet, we've created Epic Guides, your one stop shop for adventure guides. Currently only a select set of hiking trails can be found in the guides but more are on the way. Instead of looking around all over the place for accurate, up-to-date information, get the Epic Guide and get hiking.