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Juan de Fuca Hiking Guide

So you want to hike the Juan de Fuca Marine trail and don't have a guidebook yet?

You've come to the right place. 


Paper guidebooks were the standard way of getting information about a trail. There was no other way. But they have a lot of problems. 
Out of date - They don't change when the trail changes, they don't get updated with new information or new photos. If they do come out with a new edition with updates, it's usually years later and you'd have to shell out money for that new edition. 
Small black and white photos - You don't get nice big colour photos, you get tiny little black and white ones. Big colour photos are expensive to print so they don't. And there are only a few in the book so they don't show you much about what the trail is like. 
No downloadable files - You can't download any files through paper guidebooks. So far, we don't have technology that lets us download files through paper. You're stuck typing in long urls from the books to go to some website and trying to match up the information. Most guidebooks don't even offer a website to go along with it. They might offer some map coordinates in the back pages for a few points of interest. In the days before GPS, that was fine. These days, we all have GPS in our pockets and use them all the time. We have the technology, let's use it. 
No links to other resources - You can't get links to other good hiking resources from paper books. There are so many other resources out there in book form and online. Paper books don't let you easily search through all those other resources and find them quickly online. 
This Epic Guidebook solves all those problems. 

Scroll down to see all the benefits you get when with this Epic Guidebook.


Beta Offer: We're currently in Beta for the Juan de Fuca Trail Guidebook. While we are you can get the guide for half price. The guide is 90% complete and we're just putting the finishing touches on it. 

After the beta is over the price will go up. Get it for less while you can! 


Introducing the newest Epic Guidebook: The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail

This Juan de Fuca Trail hiking guide will tell you everything you need to know to hike the Juan de Fuca Trail. This is what you get in the guide:

Detailed descriptions of the main trail

Juan de Fuca Trail Marker

Every section from the China Beach trailhead to Mystic Beach on to Sombrio Beach and the Botanical Beach Trailhead is described in detail, kilometre by kilometre. You won't even have to leave your house to feel like you're hiking it. Find out exactly how long each section is, where the campsites are, where the good streams to filter water, where the viewpoints and interesting areas along the trail are. 

Knowing exactly where everything is along the trail makes planning easy.



Up-to-date directions and trail info

Juan de Fuca Parkinson Creek Trailhead

The exact locations of all the trailheads are here in an easy-to-read format. Load the GPS waypoint for the trailhead into the GPS in your car and away you go. You won't have to go wandering around where you think the trail starts. The GPS waypoints will tell you. As soon as anything changes on the trail, the guide will be updated. You'll get the latest information as soon as the guide is updated. No waiting for new editions to go to print. No new editions to buy.

Sample gear lists 

Gear on the Juan de Fuca Trail

Don't guess about what you need to bring on the trail. Follow the packing list in the guide and you'll be covered.


High-resolution color photos

High quality photos of the Juan de Fuca Trail

Included in the guide are over 150 photos of the Juan de Fuca trail. You can check out photos from the best viewpoints and pretty places along the trail while reading or cruise through the slideshows. No more squinting at tiny black and white photos. Browse through these high-quality, colour photos instead.


Accurate GPS tracks and waypoints on interactive maps

View from Mount Benson

If you have a handheld GPS or a phone you can load up the GPS tracks for the trail and take them along with you. You'll know within metres where you are going the entire hike. It feels good to know where you are going. There are waypoints for every beach, trailhead and campsite. Maps built right into the guide let you scroll around the area and get a feel for the trail, points of interest and surrounding area. 


Printable paper maps to take with you

Juan de Fuca Trail Map

Not everyone has a GPS and paper can just be easier to look at. The guide has a printable copy of the Juan de Fuca trail map that you can take with you. Tuck that in a plastic bag and you have a weatherproof map to show you exactly where everything is. 


Save a part of Vancouver Island when you buy a guide

Francis Lake on the Vancouver Island Spine Trail

I had to save the the absolute best thing about the Epic Juan de Fuca Hiking Guide for last. When you buy a guide, 25% of the price goes straight to Vancouver Island Spine Trail Association, who are working hard to create a massive trail that runs from Victoria to Cape Scott. The trail will be a world class 700 km trail along the spine of Vancouver Island. The have amazing plans but they need help supporting the project. That's where we hikers come in. By buying this guide, you help a world class trail come to life. It promises to be an experience to remember for hikers whether you are spending a day on the trail or 30. 


2 more ways this guidebook will get you more information faster

Instant Updates - Don't wait years for a new edition of the guidebook to come out. As soon as we update the information you will see it. You don't pay for these updates. Pay once and get updates forever.

Chat with other Juan de Fuca Trail hikers in the Adventure Forums -  Tell your stories, brag about all the cool things you saw and recount the rush when you finally arrived at the end of the trail in a special spot in the Adventure Forums


You're Almost Hiking

Hike it from the north or south and take in the amazing views over the Salish Sea, up picturesqe waterfalls and many viewpoints along the way. All this information in a well-organized online guide for less than $10.


Half price offer!

The guide is 99% complete but we have a couple things left to do. While we're doing that you can get the guide for half price!

Use the coupon code JDF50 at checkout to get 50% off.


 Buy Juan de Fuca Guidebook


If you have any questions about the Juan de Fuca Guide or just about the Juan de Fuca trail in general, don't hesitate to email at guides@pureoutside.com. We love to talk hiking!